4 Things Narcissists Do When You Discard Them

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When a person decides to discard the narcissist, it’s because they’ve had enough; they’ve had enough of the constant insults and put-downs, and they’ve had enough of the narcissist using them for money or s*x. The narcissist ran amuck on you- they behaved in an uncontrollable way. They were very disruptive, they were very inconsiderate, and they had no intentions of changing their behavior because they held you responsible for everything they did. They made you believe that you were the one who was supposed to change or do better.

 When you finally decided to discard the narcissist, it’s because you’ve woken up and you’ve realized the truth of what you’re dealing with. You understand that if there’s anything you need to change, you need to stop giving so much of yourself to someone who doesn’t appreciate it. If there’s anything you need to do better, it’s enforcing your boundaries. And the more you try to do this, the more it should confirm to you that you need to get rid of them because they’re never going to change and they’re never going to respect you.

 When you finally decide to discard the narcissist, it’s because you realize that it’s not your fault. You’re not responsible for the way that they’re behaving, and you’re not responsible to fix anything because you realize that you’re dealing with someone who has a mental illness.

A Book: Malignant Self-Love: Narcissism Revisited– by Sam Vaknin.

 The reason why it was so difficult for you to leave is because you had hope that they could change, and you held yourself responsible for making them change as though you just had to do better or do more, and then finally they would be okay, but nothing you did was ever good enough for them because they have these insatiable desires that can never be fulfilled.

Narcissists couldn’t even make themselves happy, yet, they held you to that expectation of something that they couldn’t even fulfill for themselves. They are very delusional, entitled people, and when you fail to fulfill their impossible expectations, they will become very resentful towards you. They will want revenge, which is why I decided to write this article so that you can prepare yourself for what the narcissist might do when you discard them.

The Following Are The Top 4 Things Narcissists Do When You Discard Them.

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