5 Weaknesses The Narcissist Does NOT want you to know about

Weakness number 1: Addiction.

 The narcissist is completely addicted to a delusional sense of who they are. We call this the false self. They need the false self to protect them from reality and from the truth. Reality and truth are the enemy. The false self is the defense against that, and they cannot survive without it. They are entirely addicted to their delusional worldview and the false self that supports it. They do not want you to know about that.

Weakness number 2: False narrative.

The very basis of who they are, their story of who they are, and how they live their lives is a lie. It is a fabrication, a deception, a fiction, and a narrative. If you figure that out, and you can see behind the lie, behind the carefully crafted fiction that they’ve constructed, that makes them very, very vulnerable. They absolutely do not want you to know how much of a lie they are living.

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