7 Reasons Why a Narcissist Doesn’t Love Their Children

7 Reasons Why a Narcissist Doesn't Love Their Children


The profound bond between a parent and a child is universally cherished, isn’t it? However, with narcissistic parents, the fabric of this relationship is tainted by motives beyond affection. Narcissists are driven by image; they are driven by how they’re seen in public. So, the need to look good, to uphold a favorable public image, leads to a complex and damaging relationship with their children. They use their children like trophies, accessories, and objects, but never truly connect with them.

Narcissists do not see their children as individuals with a separate personality who have the right to grow, to expand, and to explore the world on their own terms. Absolutely not. They see their children as possessions that they are allowed to own and use in whatever way they think they can. Let’s talk more about this in today’s article.

Today’s article is going to be all about understanding seven reasons why a narcissistic parent does not love their children. Because this question is often asked: Do they love their children or do they not? If they do not love their children, why do they pretend to be so affectionate? Why do they involve themselves in activities related to their children, and so on? While many narcissistic parents do not do so, there are some, so today’s topic will answer all those questions and will help you gain clarity. Stay until the end.

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