7 Most Haunting Things a Narcissist Could Do to You


 Number 1: Stalking.

 When narcissists develop an affectionate feelings toward you, they will try to build a connection with you to get to know you deeper. They may stalk you before making the first conversation with you because they want to study your lifestyle, including your favorite food, drinks, go-to places, etc. Narcissists will use their filter charm, Charisma, and wit to lure you closer to them. Furthermore, they will deploy love-bombing strategies to win your affection. Once they have discovered your wants, needs, and weaknesses, they will initiate the victimization process.

 Narcissists will never give up immediately on you; they will develop an obsessive feeling toward you that even if you reject them, they will continue stalking you. Trust me, obsession is a dangerous feeling. When it comes to narcissistic ex, they will deploy stalking on you after your breakup. These egomaniacs can’t stand losing the source of their narcissistic Supply; they can either deploy virtual or physical stalking on you. If you are within their reach, like your house is just a few minutes or an hour’s drive from their place, narcissists will physically stalk you. They will follow you everywhere you go to monitor your movements, including the new people in your life.

 However, if you move to another state or country and are oceans apart from this narcissist, virtual stalking comes into play. Even if you block them on all your social media account, narcissists will create dummy accounts just to keep tabs on you, and the worst part is, they may hack your Facebook or messenger because these narcissists are dying to check everything you are doing.

 Number 2: Threats.

 Suppose narcissists perceive you as a threat because you can expose their real identities to the public. In that case, they will threaten you not to do it because they want to protect their reputation. Narcissists may send you threats via email, text, message, or phone calls, and the most dangerous part is, they may show up in front of your house to frighten you face to face. Since narcissists have anger management issues, things can get violent if you piss them off. They use threats as one of their weapons to destroy their victims because they know that fear has a significant effect on the human mind.

 Narcissists think they will gain control over your mind if you fear them. The wisest way to deal with narcissists’ threats is to report them to authorities as soon as they threaten you. These narcissists want to see you getting afraid, make the first move, and make them feel fear. However, if you show them that you are not affected by their threats, they fail in their goal to plant fear in your mind. Show those egomaniacs that you are fearless; never allow them to control your life through their threats.

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