7 Painful Truths Empaths Must Face When Dealing With Narcissists


 1. Your Love For Them Does Not Determine That They Will Change.

 Narcissists are morally bankrupt fellows who have this feeling of entitlement. They would expect and demand your love because they feel it is right. You must know that your sacrifices, deep devotions, and compassion for them will not change their motives and behavior.

It would rather feed on this and become more egocentric and bring you under their feet. They only feel entitled to the love that they get from you and consider such love disposable.

 2. The Compassionate Nature of Empaths Make Them a Prey to The Narcissists.

 Your compassionate and forgiving heart is what the narcissist thrives on. They are attracted to those with such qualities because they know that they exploit such individuals. They were attracted to empaths because they know they lack such traits, and such partners always do their best to cover up their messes even to their detriments.

 And empaths, they see someone in which they can unleash their behavior and play the victim on. They see someone they can boost their own overinflated self-ego and manipulate.

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