7 Things Narcissistic Husbands Do To Their Wives


 Number 1: Narcissistic husbands will be critical of everything their wives do.

 Because of their insecurities and low self-esteem, your narcissistic husband will frequently be critical of you. Every move you make, pound you gain, and outfit you choose will be noticed. The motivation for a narcissist to criticize others is defensive rather than seeking satisfaction and pleasure. Although criticism may appear aggressive from the one being attacked, they are defending themselves from the narcissist’s perspective.

 Narcissists are perfectionists, and when they see someone doing less than perfect, they always point it out. When you have a narcissistic husband, you must always strive for perfection. Your flaws and imperfections will reflect poorly on a narcissist. If you don’t want to change what they want from you, which is to become perfect for them, you’ll be constantly criticized and put down. As a wife, you do not deserve such treatment from your husband. You will always learn with the same level of appreciation you once received from them.

 Number 2: Narcissistic husbands often reject their wives.

 Rejection hurts the most from the person you care about the most. Whatever type of rejection, to know that comes from your husband will always affect you. For a narcissist, what matters to them are themselves; friendships don’t matter. Outside of their own lives, life has no intrinsic value or meaning. Everything revolves around them- you don’t matter, even if you’re their wife.

 When the honeymoon phase wears off, most couples fall into a predictable pattern or routine. You can and still do adore your partner. However, this relationship stage is very different from the narcissistic abuse cycle; it is when the narcissist begins to devalue their partner rather than growing closer to them. They recognize that their partner is not perfect and that they do not value them. A person’s worth is only used to boost their sense of self-importance.

 A narcissist starts to reject their partner and eventually abandons them in favor of a new relationship that meets their needs. Remember that this isn’t a need for love, belonging, or caring. A narcissist seeks a relationship solely to feed their ego and sense of importance. As a result, they will reject and discard anyone who does not meet that need in favor of someone else.

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