7 Things Narcissistic Husbands Do To Their Wives


 Number 3: Narcissistic husbands do not consider their wives.

 One of the keys to a successful marriage is good communication. Part of good communication is being a good listener to your spouse and taking the time to understand what they want and need. Sharing thoughts and feelings build a healthy relationship and marriage. Being married to a narcissist is always his way over your way. Is it always your husband who makes all the decisions? Have you tried telling your husband what you want but were not heard and considered?

 It’s not that narcissists refuse to think about it, the narcissist never acknowledges anyone’s point of view. They are always triggered quickly by specific words in their heads. They respond and leave before an opinion is fully formed. There is no “listen to understand” ability, and it’s pointless to try and share an opinion or even a word with them when they’re angry or enraged. Narcissists can consider other people’s points of view but only in the abstract, and if it doesn’t, the narcissist will never consider these opinions because they threaten the narcissist’s control.

 Number 4: Narcissistic husbands will remain uncommitted and unfaithful to their wives.

 For a narcissist, relationships are always transactional to them. They always love to play games and their goal is to win. A narcissistic husband remains uncommitted and unfaithful, especially when they believe they have accessible options such as online dating. But even without such an option, they’ll always find a way to cheat.

Narcissists are extremely self-absorbed and constantly seek external validation. These narcissistic characteristics make them more likely to cheat on their partners. Their need for adoration is so strong that they are easily swayed by flattery, but what if you catch them in the app? Will they admit to cheating?

 Narcissistic husbands are unlikely to admit to cheating on their wives. They refuse to accept responsibility for their actions because it makes them feel out of control and vulnerable. A few have proof that they cheated; they will eventually blame it on someone else. Unlike any other partner, if they’re cheating, they’ll be lying to you all the time. Another warning sign is that they will usually become extremely jealous. This is referred to as projection and it occurs when they project their negative behaviors onto you.

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