Good girl syndrome – how to get rid of it

Good girl syndrome – how to get rid of it


Today, we are going to talk about ” Good girl syndrome” and how to get rid of it.

Parents, teachers, colleagues, and friends often form the stereotype of a “good girl” in the soul of girls. A loving wife, a caring mother, an obliging worker, a sympathetic friend – everyone around wants to see such a woman. Playing these roles is not easy and not always correct …

Why is it important to get rid of the good girl syndrome?

Psychologists unanimously say that throwing off emotions and feelings inside oneself is a sure way to the emergence of stress, smoothly flowing into chronic depression. And since all diseases arise on a nervous basis, physical ailments are not excluded. The role of the ideal girl turned into a syndrome can cause a number of problems:

  • the onset of depression ;
  • limited freedom of expression;
  • labeling by others;
  • indifference to their own problems;
  • loss of one’s own opinion;
  • decreased self-esteem, becoming a “servant” for others;
  • sudden mood swings, breakdowns alone;
  • fear of not satisfying requests and desires.

People who are prone to sacrifice their interests and opinions for the sake of others are more likely to have mental disorders, breakdowns, and the appearance of addictions. That is why it is important to reconsider the behavior and attitude towards others in time.

How to distinguish a “bad” girl from a “good” one?

A bad girl, like a good one, can be seen from afar. After a few minutes of communication with the “good girl”, it becomes clear that she:

  • obedient;
  • afraid to express her opinion and defend it;
  • knowledgeable and dependent;
  • hides real feelings, disguises, and adapts to others.

What influences such as people? How is this behavior formed? There are several theories about the origin of the good girl syndrome:

  • The predisposition is not scientifically proven, but if there are individuals in the child’s family who have a similar way of behavior, then the child will surely involuntarily copy it.
  • Stereotypes hammered into a child’s head by adults: mom. dad, grandmothers, and teachers.
  • Psychological trauma or bad experience that caused the fear to speak out, to be independent and freedom-loving.

There is a way out of all these situations: independent or professional. Psychologists easily change the mechanisms with the syndrome of “good” girls for a more adequate, balanced attitude towards themselves and others.

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How to get rid of a psychological syndrome?

You should get rid of the “good girl” or more specifically good girl syndrome, and the criticism inside yourself in stages. Instilling self-love and ignoring an excessive number of third-party requests for help is not selfishness, but only taking care of one’s own body in the soul. What to do?

  • Tune in for a long transition: internal changes always take some getting used to.
  • Start with yourself: rest, travel, spa, favorite hobbies – all this should come first, and only then – taking care of others.
  • Constantly remember that mistakes, shortcomings, and even fatal failures in personal life, communication, or work are the only experience, and not a terrible sin.
  • Be prepared for the fact that rethinking your behavior will alienate many of the parasitic people who were around you just because they felt so comfortable.
  • Learn to seek profit and do not be afraid to ask the question: “What will I get in return by fulfilling any request?” The habit of defending your interests will help get rid of the syndrome.
  • Improve your self-esteem – look in the mirror more often, buy beautiful things, visit a stylist, flirt with men, take pictures and communicate, go to places of entertainment.

Don’t feel sorry for people. who, as a result of your change, move away. There may even be negative comments and condemnations addressed to you. Do not be afraid to seem cold, detached from the problems of others, because living for yourself is not so bad.

This was my advice for you today to get rid of Good girl syndrome, and I hope this is helpful for you. Please, do not forget to share this article with your friends and family.

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