Things Only A Covert Narcissist Would Say

The Narcissist Needs THIS To Operate - Don't Let Them Fool You


Today’s article is going to be touching on some things only a Covert Narcissist Would Say. But don’t get me wrong, a lot of these are things other people will say as well, but it is the time span in which the Narcissist would volunteer the information is what we need to look out for.

 With Covert Narcissists, the timing to say and do certain things is very crucial. And it’s because the Covert Narcissist has an agenda. Their agenda is to get you to buy what they are selling. And they are so set on pushing this false narrative of who they are and what they are about that it becomes more of a marketing ploy.

 Yes, Narcissists promote and market themselves. They try to sell people the fake image and persona that they have created. Therefore, they are bound to say certain things that don’t really need to be said. And they say these things quite early on in meeting them. But it’s because the Covert Narcissist is trying to win your trust and trap you. So, they believe saying these things will get you on their side a lot quicker.

Below Are The Top Things Only A Covert Narcissist Would Say!

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