Top 6 Reasons Why Narcissists Get Married

3 Reasons Why a Narcissist Would Go Silent


In today’s article, we are talking about why narcissists get married? Ever ask yourself that question? I think we all have at one time or another, especially those of us who have had the horror of marrying and divorcing a narcissist. For those of us who have children with a narcissist and are trying to divorce a narcissist and keep their children safe, this is a hell on earth I would not ever wish on anyone. Narcissists make the world’s worst spouses and parents.

Relationships with narcissists are not easy. Their exaggerated sense of self-importance combined with a lack of empathy frequently spells disaster for their relationships. They desperately need external validation, however, and that is why they often marry.

 So what is the reasoning that narcissists get married? Because based on their behavior and the abuse that they subject their spouses to, they definitely aren’t getting married and having children for the reasons that we are, so why do they do it? Today, we’re going to dig into that question.

The Following Are The Top 6 Reasons Why Narcissists Get Married.

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