10 Behaviors Female Narcissists Possess

 Number 1: Female narcissists tend to be more obsessed and concerned about their appearance.

 Female narcissists are just like male narcissists, take pride in their appearance. They are concerned with their appearance because it satisfies their demand for external approval. They usually appear to be well polished, elegant, and well-fitting. They drive high-end cars and live in wealthy neighborhoods. They may not be able to afford it just like everyone else. They will however go into depth if it is necessary to project the image they desire.

 They also have a tendency for overspending on high-end clothing and designer items. While they may be concerned about their worldly possessions, they will also brag about how amazing their children are, while secretly telling them the exact opposite. Like their male counterparts, they do this to cover any vulnerabilities they may have.

 Number 2: Female narcissists are extraordinarily competitive and jealous.

 Female narcissists must be the most attractive, successful, charming, and intelligent. It should happen to be them, whatever version of best there is. If someone in a group of women other than the female narcissist has those characteristics, she will be seen as a threat. There are no boundaries to how far a female narcissist will go to fulfill her wants.

 When a female narcissist perceives you as a threat to her spotlight, she will begin to viciously criticize and humiliate you, and in the worst-case scenario, expel you from any social circle. Those who threaten the female narcissist whether, through their achievement, looks, personality, resources, or status must be eliminated. At the same time, those who are submissive will be kept around until their resources have been exhausted sufficiently.

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