10 Behaviors Female Narcissists Possess

 Number 3: Female narcissists are overly sensitive to criticism.

 Often than not, female narcissists are highly sensitive individuals. Because they live in a false world they created, female narcissists see that their perfection is questioned when they are criticized. It is unacceptable for them to have this perfect world shattered and doubted. Once it is not perfect, they are nothing if they are not perfect.

Female narcissists have low self-esteem; they view the slightest criticism as an attack on their flawless personality. They will not only reject or even contemplate the idea that they are less than perfect, but female narcissists will also despise you as someone who dares to challenge them. Female narcissists just like any narcissists think primarily of and about themselves. In their minds, criticism will always be a one-way street. They can criticize others but they will never have the right to criticize them.

 Number 4: Female narcissists use their sexuality to their advantage.

 One of the unique traits that female narcissists have is using their sexuality to their advantage. Narcissists are significantly more likely to utilize their brains than their physical force to acquire what they want. Male narcissists are known to manipulate or play games with people. In contrast, female narcissists utilize this sexual appeal to achieve their desires. Female narcissists are money-obsessed persons who believe that having money gives them status and power over others.

 Female narcissists are more interested in spending other people’s money than their own. They may even resort to cosmetic surgery to better represent whatever part she is trying on if they are obsessed with an image. She may also marry wealthy men and maintain her countless affairs to maintain her good looks. You may have been captivated by her attractiveness during the love-bombing period and consider yourself fortunate to have found such a lovely spouse. Underneath the seductive facade of beauty, hides a talented manipulator who relies on her s*x appeal to obtain what she wants.

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