10 Signs Of A Narcissistic Husband | From A Psychologist

Signs Of A Narcissistic Husband | From A Psychologist


Today’s question asks if I can take a look at the characteristics or signs of a narcissistic husband.

In this article, I’ll be focused on a husband and wife relationship, and theory one that is relatively stable. Not a new relationship or a relationship that’s dissolving, but rather one where there’s an expectation that the couple is going to remain together.

Now, this, of course, could apply to any long-term partnership between a man and a woman, whether or not the couple was married. There, of course, a lot of signs that focus on narcissistic behaviors that would directly be observable by the wife.

So to get started, here what is narcissism.

Well, I’ve covered this many times, I’m just gonna give a quick review here. With narcissism, we see self-centeredness, we see a need for admiration, and a sense of entitlement. And somebody who’s low on agreeableness.

 There are two types of narcissism: Grandiose also called overt, and vulnerable also called covert. Somebody can have really mostly grandiose or most vulnerable traits. But most narcissists have some characteristics from both types.

With grandiose narcissism, we see characteristics like being arrogant, highly self-confident, being resistant to criticism, and being callous. And with vulnerable narcissism, we see characteristics like distrusting other people feeling insecure, having a lot of resentment, feeling a lot of shame, and being hypersensitive to criticism.

 Most of the signs that I’ll cover here are more related to grandiose narcissism as opposed to vulnerable narcissism.

As I go through these signs, when I use the term husband, I’m talking about the husband with narcissistic traits. And when I use the term wife, I’m talking about a wife who is not narcissistic.

The top Signs Of A Narcissistic Husband:

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