10 Things That Upset a Narcissist

Number 1: Narcissists Get Upset When Things Do Not Go Their Way.

Like spoiled brats, they will throw tantrums and squirm in anger when events do not turn out according to their plans. They get upset when someone or something tries to hinder their plans. For instance, a narcissist plans to manipulate someone for personal gain; however, the targeted victim is not naive because they can detect manipulative tactics. As a result, the narcissist fails to produce their desired outcome of fooling and exploiting their victim.

Number 2: They Get Upset When Someone Refutes Their Opinions.

Narcissists think they are all-knowing because they create a delusional sense of self-perfection. With that, they are loud and proud. Narcissists are notorious for their talkative and argumentative attitudes. They get upset when someone speaks up against them by refuting their nonsense opinions. Instead of opening their minds to other people’s points of view, they shut their ears and open their mouths to prove they are right. Thus, narcissists are narrow-minded individuals because they rely solely on their baseless claims.

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Since narcissists are great talkers but never good listeners, they will show little to no interest in your ideas. These egomaniacs always want to hold the microphone or megaphone all to themselves and will not allow others to talk. They will challenge you to a debate if you disagree with their speeches. How would you react if someone refutes your opinions? Will you listen to other people’s viewpoints or will you argue against them to prove that you are right?

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