5 Signs You’ve Hurt A Narcissist

5 Signs You've Hurt A Narcissist


Alright, folks, right now I want you to raise your hand if you’re tired of watching The Narcissist be rewarded for their bad behavior. I’m going to guess there are a whole lot of hands raised right now, and if yours is, this article is for you because I have a different perspective on this that you may not have considered. That perspective is that your actions may be hurting The Narcissist more than they let on. It’s not like we’re out there looking to hurt people, but it does feel unfair that someone can have so much of an impact on you, and it seems like you don’t have any impact on them whatsoever. No matter what you do or say, this person walks away unaffected. But that is not the truth; it’s just what they want you to believe.

In this article, we explore a perspective that your actions may have a greater impact on a narcissist than it seems, challenging the belief that they walk away unaffected from their harmful behaviors. We present five signs that you may have hurt a narcissist.

While not advocating for the intentional hurting of others, understanding these signs can help comprehend the narcissist’s emotional complexities and the depth of their unhappiness. This article touches on concepts of manipulative behavior, narcissistic rage, and disconnection from empathy, and discusses dealing with trauma bonds in the context of abuse. So let’s dive into the five signs that you have actually hurt a narcissist.

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