10 Ways to Make Narcissists Lose Their Minds


 Number 1: Keep calm and never react.

 Narcissists are experts in targeting people’s emotions to seize control and get what they want. They believe that if they can drive emotions among people, they can control people driven by emotions. For narcissists, not stirring one’s feelings means not attaining their objective; they thrive on people’s emotional reactions to the drama they created themselves.

Narcissists usually lose their cool when people show great control in handling their own emotions. Hence, keeping oneself calm amidst the narcissist’s attempt to create drama in chaos does not give them the satisfaction they desperately crave, which will hinder them.

 Number 2: Resist the narcissist’s demands.

 Resisting the narcissist’s demands is against the narcissist’s sense of entitlement. Hearing the word “No” and any display of resistance or refusal twists the narcissist’s mind; they cannot understand why they are told No. The narcissist expects people to do everything they ask, they are entitled individuals who get anything they desire through manipulative tactics.

 Narcissists often use their charms or any schemes they could come up with to make other people say Yes to their requests. These schemes work for narcissists most of the time. Thus, a No is a novelty for them; it leads them to question: “What is wrong with me that they won’t follow me?”

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