11 Ways You are Hurting Your Dog Without Realizing


 Number 1: Patting your dog’s head.

 Many dog parents today consider patting their dogs on the head a form of comfort to their dogs. This is mostly because their heads are the easiest to reach in times like these. But, does that make it proper? Well, shocking as it may seem, the answer is No! In fact, this gesture irritates your dog more than you can imagine, and Studies have shown that doing this only ends up making your dog feel very uncomfortable. This explains why canines always attempt to attack strangers who reach for their heads.

 The only reason it is different with you as the parent is because your dog is simply being tolerant. Even as a person, you definitely have never enjoyed anyone giving you a pat on the head. Well, it’s the same case with dogs. So as much as you may be doing your best to give them some love and attention, you’ve got to do it the right way. Instead of reaching to Pat them on the head, you could Pat them on the neck or on the back instead, or you could just give them a warm hug. That way, your furry friend actually feels safe and loved.

 Number 2: Exposure to strong smells.

 Remember the last time you were in a room and someone wearing excessive perfume walked in? I can imagine you got very irritated or even nauseated. Well, it is not any different when it comes to dogs. In fact, it is a lot worse. We all know that dogs have a very impressive sense of smell, which is about 10 000 times more acute than that of humans. Now, imagine how nauseated your dog feels when you spray these fragrances on him after a walk just to get rid of the smell.

 And if we’re being honest, this is not only a harmful approach; it’s actually quite lazy too. Strong fragrances tend to irritate a dog’s nostrils and, most times could even lead to inflammation that makes it hard for your poor little Pooch to breed. So for their safety, you may want to reduce exposing them to these fragrances and other strong-smelling chemicals as much as possible.

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