12 Signs You’ve Met a Sociopath But Just Don’t Know It


 12. They Are Extremely Charming and Magnetic.

 One of the reasons why sociopaths are so dangerous is because of how easily they can waltz into any environment and charm the people around them. Oftentimes, they’ve learned to use their charm and intellect to draw people in. Sometimes, they put a large focus on their appearance and personal grooming, making themselves even more attractive and alluring to potential targets.

 Sociopaths can use their charisma for a variety of goals in different settings. As a candidate for a job interview, they may seem like the dream employee, only to show their true colors after they’ve gotten the job. In a romantic setting, they may flourish you with compliments and promises of a perfect future, making you infatuated only to disappear and leave you heartbroken. Not everyone who is charismatic is sociopathic, but if you feel like they’re too good to be true, it could be an indication they are.

 11. They Don’t Have Many, If Any Friends.

 If they do have friends, they may not want you to meet them. How can someone who is so charming, witty, and kind-hearted have no or few friends? If they seem like the perfect employee or your soulmate but have no social life, it’s likely they’ve already burned all their bridges.

 Pay attention to the way they speak about previous people who were once in their life. If they speak negatively of them, blaming them for severed ties, it could be the other way around. If they do have friends but refuse to let you meet them, this is another red flag.

 A sociopath would be worried about their friends sharing unfavorable information about them to you, so they prefer to control the situation by never introducing you to them. Someone’s social life tells a lot about them, so pay attention to your suspected sociopath’s social life.

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