4 Dark Truths a Narcissist Cannot Accept

Dark Truth 1: Nobody likes them.

Yeah, they may fool people into thinking they are likable, they’re Charming, they’re giving, they’re kind, they’re altruistic, they’re fun to be around, but nobody actually likes them. Why? Because nobody knows them. What most people, including you, have interacted with or interact with is a facade, a mask that they put on to hide their true shame-ridden self. So they interact with a mirage, an illusion that does not exist. Once these people are removed from the situation, The Narcissist reverts back to his old rotten self, which these people do not get to see, do not get to experience. So the original Self is not liked by anybody.

A Book: Why Does He Do That?: Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men.

When some time passes and they start devaluing the person they had loved bombed, this new person slowly starts to see their real self. Initially, this person may question their own sanity, they may question their own efforts, they may question their role played in the situation, but eventually, they catch up, they see them for who they are, and when that happens, they start tolerating them. What a narcissist will never ever stand is the fact that people tolerate their presence, people tolerate them in their lives. Nobody feels comfortable around that monstrous presence of theirs, nobody wants to interact with them because they are completely based on Lies, their Foundation is missing, and they just want everybody to enable those bunch of lies that only they believe in.

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