5 Ways Super Empaths Confuse Narcissists


 Number 3: The super empath is not predictable.

 When you are not predictable, when you don’t react, when you are formless, when you have a poker face, you keep the narcissist off balance. Super empaths don’t show motives and intentions to the narcissist. They don’t show their interest and they don’t give any clues; that’s how a super empath confuses a narcissist

 Number 4: The super empath does not give the narcissist negative attention.

 Like excited teenagers, narcissists relish every attention. Positive attention is excellent for narcissists, but negative attention is a trigger to hold someone accountable. Acceptance of being wrong is not in their vocabulary; It is an unhealthy part of their thinking.

Super empaths knew that if they gave the narcissist negative attention, the narcissist would turn on them. So how would the super empath respond? The super empath chooses to keep silent and does not react to the matter. This way, the narcissist will find it disturbing what the super empath is thinking.

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