7 LESSONS Narcissists Teach Us


Lesson 1: Evil comes in pretty packages.

 The first lesson that narcissists teach us is that evil can come in pretty packages. Narcissists present themselves as angels, good people, and many of them are very physically attractive as well. But this is where you cannot judge a book by its cover.

 The narcissist will present that ideal person to deceive and trap people. So yes, realizing that evil doesn’t come to you wearing its ugly head, but instead as a well-dressed attractive, polite, and charming individual.

Lesson 2: Trust should not be based on position.

 The second lesson I’ve learned is that someone’s position or job doesn’t make them automatically trustworthy, which is in line with what I’ve mentioned earlier. Many narcissists are doctors, pastors, and teachers, but that also includes certain family members like a narcissist’s parent or an aunt for example.

 No matter who someone is, trust still needs to be earned. I refuse to credit someone just because we are related, or they have a doctorate or have a long list of accomplishments. We must prove to people before we let them into our lives and tell them our business.

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