7 Things Narcissists Do When They’re Alone

#1: Self-admiration.

Narcissists spend a significant amount of time thinking about themselves, about their accomplishments, and their perceived superiority. When they are alone, they may engage in activities that feed their ego. So they’re fantasizing about success or replaying past achievements. They’re indulging in these grandiose fantasies about having that something or someone that will make them happy and feel worthy of everyone’s admiration and adoration. While engaged in their self-admiration, they will often reach out to others by text or by phone to brag and to get that external validation.

#2: They go on social media.

When a narcissist is alone, social media tends to be their best way to hunt down supply. They may spend time on their social media platforms for self-promotion. This, of course, is an attempt to seek validation, compliments, and praise. They may frequently post content that highlights their accomplishments, their material possessions, or anything to affirm their self-worth and make sure that people are seeing them and thinking of them in the light that they want to be seen. They typically send messages to people, either people that they know, or people that they don’t know, doesn’t really matter. They may be flirtatious, try to love bomb. They’re probably fishing for compliments but definitely for attention. They may leave a comment on someone’s post with the goal of either getting admiration, drawing attention to themselves, or even just creating some chaos or drama.

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They might insult someone or put them down. They might start arguing with strangers on social media to validate their beliefs and boost their ego and also to assert power and a sense of control. At the end of the day, all of their social media activities serve the same purpose, and that is to gain narcissistic supply. Sadly for the narcissist, social media tends to be a double-edged sword, often fueling their insecurities as they can get very envious when they see other people showcasing their “perfect lives”.

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