7 Traits of a Person Who Has an Evil Heart

Number 1: They don’t show remorse.

A person who finds it difficult to acknowledge his sins against someone or even God, such a person would be turned to have an evil heart. This remorselessness doesn’t start immediately. He usually starts small, and with time, the heart gets so hardened that they don’t feel anything again. They don’t care about the feelings of anyone or the outcome of the actions in which they take. The less a man feels to repent of his sins towards man and God, the more evil he becomes, and he simply will not feel sorry for hurting other people. But instead, find joy in hurting them. If you try to force him to accept his wrongs and apologize for his bad behavior, he’ll turn it around on you and make you believe that what you feel about them is completely wrong.

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Number 2: They jubilate on others’ misfortune.

This is one of the prevalent ways to know a person with an evil heart. He’s never happy when others are happy. Instead, he finds joy and happiness in the misfortune of others. He jubilates when others are crying. Instead of sympathizing with the struggles of another person, he makes a joke of it. They don’t remember the pains they felt when they had bad things happen to them in life, but instead, they rejoice in the suffering of others and feel better than them. Sometimes, they even push blame onto the other person who’s suffering the predicament just to make matters worse. They do all it takes to bring down people that are already hurt because that’s where they derive their source of joy and happiness.

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