When You Leave a Narcissist, This Is What They’ll Do

When You Leave a Narcissist, This Is What They'll Do


When the Narcissist discards someone, they can be merciless. They want to leave their victims broken and traumatized. After all, the Narcissist does not want you to recover, to be happy, or to move on. They want you to stay stuck, depressed, and alone. But things are usually different when the victim or the abused is the one who decides to leave the Narcissist or end a relationship with a Narcissist.

It is not usually about hurting the Narcissist but escaping the madness. Regardless of the reason, the Narcissist is usually caught off guard and not very happy. And it is not because they love the person so much and don’t want them to leave. It is an issue of control and the fact that Narcissists hate letting go of supplies permanently.

So, a lot of what they do when someone leaves will be motivated by their desire to stay relevant and maintain some sort of control over that person.

 Today, we have 6 things the Narcissist May do when someone leaves them or cut them out of their life. They are likely to do most of these things at one point or another.

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