7 Ways your Parents Raised you Wrong!


1. Helicopter Parenting!

They got you up in the morning, and they never left your sight all day. Something called helicopter parents, hovering over their children from morning until night. They may play serious restrictions on the child, like including curfews, places where they could/couldn’t go, what they eat, maybe you were even physically connected to your parent via a leash.

 Adults who lived through helicopter parents, usually understand why their parents hovered. It’s a scary world out there. When parents can physically see you, then they know they can protect you. Parents who have lost other children, parents, or close friends at young ages, maybe scared of history repeating itself. No one can blame a parent for being scared because they might lose their child, it’s a fear that all parents have.

 And throughout this article, I will repeat that scolding or getting angry with your parents for mistakes in the past will not solve the problem, and neither will accepting their shortcomings and forgetting about them. If your parents were helicopter parents, you may still feel the consequences. You might be anxious to travel the world or even try something new. You might feel tied down or even guilty about moving away from your parents.

 If you want to step out of your comfort zone, you will have to take a look at these feelings and acknowledge where they came from. Are you anxious because you’re putting yourself in a very dangerous situation? Or are you anxious because your parents led you to believe that you’re putting yourself in a dangerous situation? If you have further questions on how to move forward, it might be time to reach out to a therapist who can help you with this process.

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