9 Types of People That Drive a Narcissist Crazy


1. A person who has firm boundaries.

So, the type of person who can drive the Narcissist crazy would first be someone who has firm boundaries. So, they are not a pushover, not a people pleaser. They don’t allow anyone to push their agendas with them. Basically, they are someone who knows who they are and what they are about and are not willing to compromise on it. Narcissists hate having limits placed on them as they do feel entitled to people`s lives and time.

2. Someone who has no fear of the narcissist.

 The second thing would be someone who is not afraid of the Narcissist. So, they have no issues confronting the Narcissist or rebuking them when necessary. They would also shut them down or call them out on any shady behaviours or lies they tell.

 Someone like this can really cramp the Narcissist’s style, as they will not be able to relax around this person.

3. Not impressed with the narcissist.

The third thing would be someone who is not impressed with the Narcissist; meaning they just haven’t bought into the fake image or persona that the Narcissist is displaying. They are not quick to credit the Narcissist or compliment them. They are the type of people who prefer to prove people first before they start being chummy with them. They aren’t in any rush to add anyone to their life or circle. So, it takes a lot more than a friendly smile and an immaculate appearance for them to start trusting someone.

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