9 Types of People That Drive a Narcissist Crazy


4. Shuns the narcissist (Make the narcissist feel irrelevant)

The fourth thing would be that they make the Narcissist feel irrelevant. And it is because, with all the previous things I have mentioned, this person clearly does not trust the Narcissist and would exclude them wherever possible. So, they won’t be invited to their homes or they won’t accept any invites from the Narcissist either.

 It would be clear that this person does not want to spend any more time than what is necessary around the Narcissist. They can sense something is off with the Narcissist and are more likely to grey rock them or ignore them when possible.

5. Successful (Has something that the narcissist can’t or doesn’t have)

The next item on the list would be someone who is successful or has something the Narcissist doesn’t. It can be the other person is married but the Narcissist is not. Or the other person owns a car or house but the Narcissist doesn’t. It could be the other person is able to travel but the Narcissist can’t.

However big or small, the Narcissist does not want anyone to be able to have or do something that they can’t. Narcissists are very envious people and they hate when others are doing better than they are.

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