How To Cope With The Narcissists You Cannot Avoid


1. Limit Contact.

 The first tip will be to limit contact. If you do not have to speak to them, don’t. Be polite, be cordial, be professional, but keep your contact minimal. Do not seek to develop a friendship with them. Keep it at an acquaintance level, if so much. Let them just be someone you know, someone you go to church with, someone you work with, but nothing more than that.

 For those narcissists in the workplace who are managers, directors, etc. Or just a colleague, it’s always best to cover your back. Keep all emails and other correspondence. So if they ask you to do something face-to-face, make sure it’s documented. Send an email asking them to confirm just for your records, what it was they asked you to do so you have evidence if needed.

 You cannot trust narcissists whether in your personal life or business. Having narcissistic managers can be very challenging because although you may have talents to help improve the business, etc. A toxic manager will either just exploit you and take all the credit or hate on you and make your work life miserable if you keep outshining them.

 Advertising your talents to a narcissistic manager, it’s never usually a good idea. In those cases, it’s best to start looking elsewhere for another job. You won’t be able to progress or reach your full potential under a narcissistic leader.

 But, what should you do when you do have to speak with a narcissist?

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