How to Heal from CPTSD Caused by Narcissistic Abuse


 10. Don’t let the narcissist in your life define you.

 You are the only one who can define yourself. Narcissists are specialists at revealing who you are and not in a flattering way to boot. Refuse to accept any narcissist definition of you. Whether it’s about your appearance, your character, your IQ, or anything else, make a concerted effort to identify yourself instead.

 Narcissists project while chrome narcissists introject; this means that no matter how narcissistic the narcissist is, he or she believes or asserts that the other person is this way: lazy, selfish, reckless with money or whatever unpleasant, and the cool narcissistic spouse absorbs all of these definitions without this negativity, learn to perceive oneself in a good perspective.

 9. Stop giving your power away.

 Allow no one else to be held responsible for your decisions, feelings, or thoughts. Do not act on your sentiments or intimidation, even if the other person’s actions are threatening. You must have a plan of action in place for when the narcissist tries to control you in order to restore your personal authority. You must regard yourself as a strong, self-sufficient individual. Remind yourself that standing firm and holding on to your power is the only way to stop handing it away.

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