Narcissist Mind Games -10 MIND GAMES Played By Narcissists

Narcissist Mind Games | 10 MIND GAMES Played By The Narcissist


Today we’re going to talk about the narcissist mind games, or more specifically, the top mind games the narcissist uses on the target.

Because let’s face it- everything the narcissist does is premeditated and calculated. The name of the game is manipulation with the goal of gaining complete control over your perceptions and beliefs, and eventually, take control over your life. It’s a really hard reality to accept that someone would willingly manipulate, use, and abuse you.

Narcissistic abuse is intentional. They’re very aware of what they’re doing as well as the effect that it has on the victim. And the narcissist mind games are very effective- They work very well. That’s why most narcissists operate from the same playbook because it works. And in this day and age, narcissists are everywhere.

 So you have to have your eyes open and know the narcissist mind games that they’re playing when you see them so that you can protect yourself.

Below are the top MIND GAMES Played By Narcissists.

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