Narcissist, Psychopath, Sociopath – 6 Tips to Spot the Differences!


 Number 1: Socializing.

When looking at narcissists versus sociopaths, many times these two terms are mistaken one for the other due to the fact that people are not aware of the small details that differentiate them. One of those differences is socializing and how they interact with the public. People who are considered sociopaths are diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder, or APD. People who are narcissists are diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder or NPD.

 These two have a lot of qualities that intertwine with each other but a major difference would be how they socialize and if they do. Narcissists do not usually have trouble socializing with the public. They can be charming and persuasive to people they talk to. They can usually hold conversations and manipulate others to view ideas or theories the same way they do.

 People with APD have a tendency to not socialize on their own. They are not good at reading people and understanding other people’s emotions. This can cause them to distance themselves from crowds or even small groups because they don’t understand others. They talk and act impulsive which is off-putting to others.

Psychopaths do socialize, but they carefully choose and calculate who they prey on. Narcissists will take over someone else’s life to ensure they feel better about their own, while a psychopath will prey on someone just to worsen their life.

Number 2: Regard for others.

While we know that these three types of people usually do not have other peoples’ best interests in mind, there are small details that can tell us the difference between them. Looking at narcissists, they have a tendency to make the victim believe they are looking out for their best interest when it really just benefits them in the long run. They usually do not put anyone in physical harm’s way, but they pick on them mentally.

Looking at sociopaths, they do not have regard for the law or people’s physical safety. They are very impulsive people who act without thinking of the consequences. This can lead to physical harm for another person if they’re not careful enough.

 Unlike sociopaths, psychopaths can provide empathy for others, but it acts more as a switch. They can turn it off and on when it benefits them.

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