What Is The Ultimate Punishment Narcissists Give And Why?


 So the three things that will hurt the narcissist the most that they try to hurt us with are: Being abandoned, being exposed, and being insulted. These three things cause the narcissist to experience deep shame, and in a way, it is like a chain reaction. Because when a narcissist is exposed, they are bound to be discarded or abandoned by a few major supplies but also risk being insulted in the process.

 For the simple fact that the narcissist now has to deal with being hit with the truth of who or what they are; liars, cheaters, manipulators, imposters, crazy, evil, two-faced, basically, all the things they try to cover up with their false image and lies.

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 Being faced with those truths and criticized for it is what they try to avoid, but all of their three major fears come to fruition. That is why when a narcissist is exposed, they prefer to do a disappearing act to avoid the inevitable.

What do They Use To Punish Us?

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