When You Leave a Narcissist, This Is What They’ll Do


 1. Play the victim.

 One of the first things a Narcissist will do when you leave is play the victim. They will tell whoever will listen that you were the villain in the relationship. And they will try to turn as many people as they can against you. Narcissists will not want to ever admit that someone has left them or cut them off because of things they have done. They prefer to convince others that the other person is just selfish and crazy for leaving them.

2. Random messages.

 The second thing the Narcissist might do is start sending random text messages or emails. It is all about keeping the lines of communication open to try and draw you back in. That is why it is important to block them on your phone and all social media platforms. Otherwise, it is only a matter of time before they start reaching out to you.

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3. Keep Tabs on You.

 The third thing Narcissists like to do when someone leaves them is keep an eye on them. They may stalk you personally or use their flying monkeys. The Narcissist wants to stay informed about what is happening in your life so that they can make their move at an opportune time. Whether it be a death of a loved one or some other misfortune. But above all the Narcissist would prefer it if you fell on hard times or that life became more difficult for you. They hate it when we find success and happiness outside of their reach.

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