Why Is It So Hard To Leave A Narcissist? | The Top Five Reasons

Why is leaving a narcissist so hard? | The Top Five Reasons


In today’s article, I would like to discuss the top five reasons Why Is It So Hard To Leave A Narcissist.

 It’s very difficult to break free from a toxic narcissistic relationship, and when you try to leave, you start feeling guilty, or if you did go no contact, briefly, you start missing the narcissist. So there’s just a turmoil of emotions that you’re experiencing during this time, but what if you’re still in a toxic relationship with the narcissist? You feel completely trapped. You have completely given up.

I am seeing more and more people in my office who tell me some version of the following story:

I used to be a really confident and mentally healthy person. I had a good job, lots of friends, and I was happy most of the time. Now I am a total wreck. I can’t concentrate on my work and I feel as if I am going crazy. I know that I am in a really destructive relationship with a Narcissist who abuses me, but somehow, I can’t manage to leave once and for all.

This person used to be incredibly loving to me, but now they treat me like dirt. I don’t understand what is happening or what I have done that makes them treat me this way. I love them so much! I have tried to leave, but each time I come back the moment that they start being nice to me again. I literally cannot make myself stay away. Can you help me? 

So why is it so hard to leave the abusive Narcissist in your life?

That what I’m going to discuss today by offering you the top five reasons why breaking free from a narcissist is so painful and so hard.

The top 5 Reasons Why Leaving a Narcissist is So hard!

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