10 Signs A Narcissist Is DONE With You… Finally You’re Free

10 Signs A Narcissist Is DONE With You… Finally You're Free


A narcissistic relationship is not an easy one to be in if you’re the victim. It’s hard to endure and harder to get out of.

When a narcissist leaves you alone, it is usually not permanent. During the relationship, a narcissist may walk out on you multiple times, only to come crawling back into your life. When you thought you finally managed to escape from the clutches of the narcissist, they’re back, restarting the cycle of narcissistic abuse all over again.

After a couple of times, you get so used to the attract-devalue-discard-repeat cycle that you automatically expect them to come back after every breakup. This feeling gets so etched in your mind that you actually start yearning for the abuser. You feel that you need them to feel whole and happy.

However, a person suffering from a narcissistic personality disorder may decide to break up with you permanently. This may happen when they feel your value as their narcissistic supply is compromised or when they find a better victim to replace you. But now the question is how to know if a narcissist is done with you.

 Today, we will give you 10 signs a narcissist is done with you.

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