10 Surprising Things Narcissists Can’t Stand (Makes Them Miserable)

10 Surprising Things Narcissists Can’t Stand (Makes Them Miserable)


A narcissist is usually called a narcissistic person who does not see his own shortcomings and is always confident in his infallibility. In psychology, the term “narcissistic personality disorder” or simply “narcissism” is used for this state of mind.

A narcissist is a person who is confident in his own superiority over others. It is quite easy to identify him among friends. He tries to be in the center of attention, and he succeeds since others behave much more modestly. The narcissist himself behaves noisily, speaks loudly, and actively gesticulates. He constantly makes fun of his friends, does not hesitate to gossip about his comrades who are absent at the moment.

A narcissist is a person who surprisingly combines pathological narcissism and low self-confidence. He considers himself handsome, intelligent, and talented, but he constantly needs confirmation of this from others.

So in today’s topic, I’ll take you on an extremely interesting journey regarding the top 11 surprising things that narcissists can’t stand.

On this journey, I would like to begin with the things that get under their skin, leading all the way up to what is ABSOLUTLEY intolerable for them!

Including the number one thing, above all else, that narcissists simply can’t stand!

Right, let’s get going.

Narcissists Can’t Stand These 10 Things (Makes Them Miserable)

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