10 Things That Make Narcissists SAD


 Number 1: Being ignored and neglected.

 One thing that can sadden a narcissist is being ignored or neglected. They thrive in attention and admiration, so it’s no surprise that being ignored or neglected makes them feel lonely. This can happen if you decide to stop doing things with them or stop responding to their messages or calls, etc.

 Narcissists are so obsessed with themselves that they can’t handle being ignored by anyone else. If they think someone is ignoring them, it confirms their deepest fear; no one cares about them. When you ignore or neglect them, it’s like a slap in the face. Narcissists feel like they don’t matter and are not important enough to you.

 Number 2: Being rejected and criticized.

 One of the most common things that sadden a narcissist is being rejected and criticized. A narcissistic personality disorder is characterized by a lack of empathy for others and an inability to handle criticism or rejection. Narcissists often spend a lot of time working on being more attractive to get the love and attention they need. Being rejected is especially painful because it threatens their identity and self-worth.

Narcissists are very sensitive people who take things personally, so they are likely to get upset when someone disagrees with them or criticizes their opinion or behaviour. They interpret negative feedback as a personal attack and are quick to shut down or lash out at their critics.

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