10 Warning Signs You’re Dealing With An Evil Person


 3. They are fond of withholding information.

 In line with the previous tip, they’re fond of presenting distorted pieces of information, and are always withholding information that they feel is not favorable to them. They keep secrets and tell lies without batting an eyelid if they sense that the information can affect their relationship with you or anyone involved negatively.

 And they do this so that they don’t give off a bad impression to people around them. They are pros in the art of telling lies to the extent that when they tell a lie and you try to rat them out, they cover it up with more lies that’ll throw you into a web of confusion; you’ll even start questioning the real truth.

 4. They have a tendency to be misleading.

 As mentioned earlier, they twist facts and they make use of this for a lot of purposes. They can twist things in very horrible and unimaginable ways that’ll end up misleading you and making you see them as your only beacons of hope and support. They erode your subconscious so much that you find yourself totally dependent on them. And they make sure you see everyone else around you as your enemies and bring you to believe that they’re the only ones you can trust. This way, they alienate you from other people and have your full attention to themselves.

 5. They tend to be control freaks.

 They have a sick need to be in control always. So as to keep up with their myriad of lies, they hide under the cloak of envy and jealousy to prevent other people from coming into your life. They can go as far as twisting your mind against the people who genuinely want to be friends with you. They’re mostly possessive and are never caught saying good about anyone.

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