3 Psychological Tricks to Command Narcissists’ Respect Instantly

3 Psychological Tricks to Command Narcissists' Respect Instantly


– Three psychological tricks to make narcissistic people respect you immediately. Let’s do it.

 Now, admittedly, narcissistic people aren’t respectful by nature. We know this, right? And for sure, some will argue that attempting to command a narcissist’s respect is a colossal exercise in futility. And although in many cases that may very well be true, the reality is there are some very specific things you can do to increase your respect factor and therefore impact the way the narcissist perceives you. It all boils down to you, who you are and how you carry yourself, the energy or frequency you carry.

The primary advantage of using these three psychological tricks is they will make you a much less appealing target for narcissistic abuse. And these three tricks will work no matter who the narcissist is, including your narcissistic boss, your narcissistic parents, your narcissistic mother, your narcissistic father, and even your narcissistic siblings.

In essence, you’ll stop being a source of narcissistic supply, and be less vulnerable to the people in your life who display traits of destructive narcissism.

So let’s talk about three psychological tricks to make a narcissist respect you immediately.

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