3 Reasons Why Narcissists Have So Much Hate


2. They View You As A Threat.

The second reason a Narcissist would hate someone without a cause is because they view you as a threat. Their paranoia also drives them to fear and hate you; which is something I covered in this article. The Narcissist thinks they are in constant danger of being attacked, cheated on or just being hurt anyway, and many times, it is just all in their head. But it makes them suspicious and distrusting even those who love them.

 It stops them from creating genuine bonds and healthy relationships as they are convinced that everyone else is the enemy. Everyone else wants to hurt and take advantage of them. The mind of the Narcissist is a very dark, complex place, and as a result, they literally live in fear. Fear is the base emotion that drives them and leads them to hurt and hate others.

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