5 Crucial Habits of a Narcissist That You Should Detect


 Number 3: Apathetic but plays with emotions.

 Apathy is the opposite worth of empathy. Empathy is something narcissists lack, they may exhibit care or affection towards others but such care and affection is never genuine. Yes, narcissists sometimes are aware of others’ feelings, but they never recognize it, as they firmly believe that everything is about them and them alone. They are selfish beings unable to understand and empathize with others; their feelings and emotions are only for themselves and not for others. Hence, everything in their surroundings is just mere tools for their own benefit.

 At first, they may treat people or things like a gem, but they will throw and trample such a gem-like rock when they have already exploited what they want. Narcissists really are apathetic in nature. However, they are tactful in using emotions to trick others into yielding to their wishes. They know how to tickle emotions, they use it as a defense and offense.

 Narcissists may shower you love to seduce you; they could be the most broken, most depressed just so they could get people’s attention, validation, and sympathy. In an argument, you may try to reason but narcissists tap you to be subjective by using emotions and feelings as reasons. Narcissists are so good at playing with emotions, using them to keep the limelight shining on them, undermining their real meanings just to attain their objectives.

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