5 Different Ways Narcissists Treat Their Exes

1. Stay Friends.

 One of the first ways Narcissists would carry on with their exes is to remain friends. They may still want to contact you as and when they please. They may even want to use you as a flying monkey or a shoulder to cry on. But the objective is to keep that person around as a source of Narcissistic Supply, a friend that they can call on whenever they need to. Sometimes they use their exes to make their current partners jealous or triangulate them.

A Book: Why Does He Do That?: Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men.

 2. Stand-by Partners.

The second way Narcissists would carry on with their exes is to come and go as they please. Basically, the Narcissist would want to act as if they are back with you this week and then you all break up again next week. And then they come back again a month later only to break things off again. The Narcissist basically wants you to be their stand-by partner. Whenever things are slow on their end, they know they can come back to you to play house until they have someone else again. This is further confirmation that Narcissists see people as tools. They want to use you how and when they please and you should just go along with whatever they want you to do.

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