5 Telltale Signs A Narcissist Is Obsessed With You


 Number 1: They’ve got eyes on you.

 Ever wonder why a narcissist is always in the loop with the latest happenings in your life? A narcissist is always on your case when they take a liking to you. Even if you’re still not acquainted, when narcissists set their eyes on you and see something they like, they will immediately view you as a challenge they need to conquer. Is it a form of manifesting? However, when narcissists are still pursuing you, they will immediately think they own you. The more you reject them, the more they will keep wanting to watch you closely.

Figuring you out has become their entertainment; the one thing that keeps them going and thriving, and narcissists aren’t doing it alone. Narcissists still send their flying monkeys to keep an eye on you when they are not around. At first, you may think it’s sweet, but it’s something considered creepy. Over time, when all things get entangled, you’ll get overwhelmed and trapped, feeling all the eyes set on you. Paranoia will eventually get to you when a bunch of people is always keeping tabs on you, but narcissists do not know another way of expressing their interest in you. Stocking is their better suit, and they are good at it.

So when a narcissist gets obsessed over you, they will be looking at you 24/7 for as long as they can. I couldn’t even imagine how uncomfortable that could be; that is why you shouldn’t disregard something or someone so easily. Don’t let them come into your life without the proper background check. You might think it’s over the top now, but when faced with someone as vile as narcissists, you’ll regret you didn’t consider doing this in the first place.

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