6 Signs You Have Low Self Esteem (Awareness)


 1. They Like to Stay Alone.

 People with low self-esteem like to stay alone and have minimum social interaction. This is because they believe that everybody is judging them continuously, and when they go out in public, this feeling makes them feel uncomfortable. As a result, they avoid meeting people and staying by themselves as much as they can.

 Sitting alone isn’t really an issue as a lot of people aren’t into being super social and enjoy their own company. The problem arises when it starts affecting their social interactions and personal life. A misconception among people is that since they like to stay alone, it’s because they’re introverts and not because they have low self-esteem. This is both right and wrong at the same time.

 You see, introverts don’t stay at home because they are afraid of being judged, introverts stay at home because being with people drains their social battery and doesn’t give them the space and freedom they need to think. People with low self-esteem on the other hand stay at home because of the perception they have built that everybody is silently judging them at all times. If you like staying alone and doing it because people make you uncomfortable and insecure about yourself, you might have low self-esteem.

 2. They Apologize For Everything.

 People with low self-esteem have an extremely negative self-image of themselves, and in any bad situation always believe that they are the one who’s wrong. As a result, most people with low self-esteem are super over apologetic. They apologize for things that weren’t even in their control, and sometimes even for things that they are clearly in the right in.

 People with low self-esteem might also apologize for being over-apologetic if you call them out for it. People with low self-esteem don’t trust themselves and feel like they’re the ones responsible for every bad thing. This makes them super easy to manipulate, and as a result, toxic people often befriend people with low self-esteem. They gaslight and manipulate these people into feeling like they’re the ones who are responsible every time something goes wrong and take advantage of them.

 If you think that you’re over apologetic and need to stand up for yourself, first acknowledge that the apology is inappropriate and remind yourself that you did not do anything wrong. Nobody can be wrong 100% of the time. Learn to stand up for yourself.

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