7 Lies a Narcissist Wants You to Believe

1. Narcissists lie about who they are.

Narcissists struggle with self-worth, but they don’t want you to know that. So one of the most common lies narcissists will tell has to do with who they are. If you’ve met a narcissist, then undoubtedly you’ve experienced bragging, exaggeration, all-out lies about who they were, what they’ve done for a living, and who they know. Right from the giddy-up, they’re trying to get you to find the pedestal that you can sit them upon so that you can break your neck staring at them for the rest of your life.

2. They lie about their superiority.

The second lie that narcissists tell has to do with their superiority compared to other people. The lie is that they’re better than everybody, including you. The lie is that they’re more intelligent, the lie is that whatever you are, they’re more than. In other words, if you have empathy for people, then they come at it like they have more empathy for people. It’s a one-up game. If you’ve done something, then expect them to tell you that they’ve done it and they’ve done it better. If you come home bragging about your sister, you’re so happy about your sister, she just got a promotion, expect the narcissist to feel uncomfortable, and they’re going to have to be condescending, passive-aggressive, and they will poo-poo any successes of anyone else because the lie is that they’re superior to you, they’re superior to anybody.

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So if you’ve dealt with the narcissist, what you’ll notice is that when someone starts to experience success, the narcissist gets uncomfortable with that, and then there has to be a shift in the experience that they’re having. In other words, they have to believe that you think that, in spite of this person succeeding, that they are superior to that person.

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