8 Things Narcissists Fear Most & Secretly Don’t Want You to Know


1.  The narcissist fears their imperfections being exposed.

 You might be totally okay with other people knowing about your vulnerabilities and your imperfections, and that’s because you know you’re human, and you know that you’re not perfect. And maybe you can help someone else who’s dealing with the same kinds of issues you have, and having the same types of insecurities you’re suffering from.

 The way to do that is by sharing that part of yourself with them, kind of how I share my stories here with you. But the narcissist will do anything they can to hide their imperfections. They know deep down they are far from perfect, not that any of us is perfect, but that’s exactly why narcissists are so worried about their imperfections being exposed somehow because once that happens, that perfect image would become tarnished for good, which is something that narcissus want to avoid at all costs.

2.  The narcissist fears embarrassment and public humiliation.

Nobody wants to be embarrassed or humiliated in public, right? But for the narcissist, this is the worst possible thing that could happen to them, even though this is often one of the ways that the narcissist will use to manipulate and control you.

 In fact, if they’re worried that someone’s going to humiliate them or embarrass them in public, one way the narcissist will try to prevent this is to actually go out of their way to embarrass other people instead. And if they feel the least bit embarrassed, they will embarrass you even more, whether or not you’re the one that actually caused the humiliation.

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