9 Signs You’re Dating an Energy Vampire


Number 9: They never take accountability.

 The word “sorry” or the words “I was wrong” never come out of energy vampires’ mouths. They will never admit that they are responsible for their own misery. If they hate their job, it’s the boss’s fault, not theirs. If they aren’t doing well at school, it’s not their studying habits that stink, it’s the teacher. The list goes on. Energy vampires think highly of themselves, and in so doing, diminish their own responsibility. After all, there’s no way that they could be in the wrong. It’s always, always someone else’s fault when there’s trouble brewing, never theirs.

 Now, do keep in mind that sometimes it can be the other party’s fault. If a partner does tend to have a bad lot in life, it is possible that they could be innocent. However, if it always, always seems to be someone else’s fault, there’s a chance that maybe they’re lying.

 Number 8: They’re always involved in some kind of drama.

 For energy vampires, being a drama queen comes with the territory. They are always, 100% involved in some kind of drama. Either they started it, or they’re involved in it; somehow, some way. They can’t seem to keep their nose out of the bad juju surrounding drama. They probably always gossip behind people’s backs, tweet about them, or post about them. They’ve probably always got something to say about everyone at any given moment, or are looking for dirt on someone.

 See, they want people to be just as miserable as they are. Ensuring that means making sure everyone is just as involved in the drama as they are. To make sure they’re happy, others have to be just as miserable and sad as they are. What better way to do that than dragging their name through the mud and constantly talking bad about them?

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