Delayed Life Syndrome |How To Get Rid Of It?

  • You live in anticipation of something: the end of the working day, weekends, holidays, New Year’s holidays.
  • For happiness, you always lack something: lose a couple of extra pounds, change your wardrobe, quit your job, move to another apartment or country.
  • You are constantly waiting for the right time: when you get a higher education, move from your parents, have children, close a mortgage or loan.
  • You cannot enjoy the present – you do not appreciate what you have and the people around you.
  • Very often. you are not satisfied with your life, but you do not have a clear plan for what, when, and how to change. For example, you don’t like your current job, but you don’t do anything to find another.
  • You constantly compare your own life with the lives of other people – you fix your attention on the fact that someone is slimmer or more successful, travels more often, earns more. All comparisons are not in your favor.

Did you recognize yourself? Then you need to urgently change your life strategy and begin to fight the delayed life syndrome. Otherwise, this is a road to nowhere, it will always seem that “something better” awaits you ahead.

How to get rid of delayed life syndrome: 4 tips from a psychologist.

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