Do Not Do This When A Relationship Ends With A Narcissist


1. Do not become obsessed with the narcissist

  One of the first things that I think should not be done is that you become obsessed with the Narcissist. Learning all this new information brings a lot of clarity to your situation but at the same time, you don’t want to allow it to consume you. Narcissists exist and they are plenty. Learning how to live alongside them is crucial but it should not become an obsession.

 We have to move on and eventually starting living and loving again without feeling the need to keep listening to certain videos, especially those that would just keep the hurt, anger, and pain alive. Focus on information that will help with your understanding of Narcissists and help with your healing.

 Also, no stalking the Narcissist to see what they are up to or who they are dating or manipulating next. Whatever information they put out there for you to see would be to trigger you, make you jealous, or feel inadequate. Everything you wanted them to do they will do or give the impression they are doing now without you.

 But again, whether it’s a parent, ex-partner, or friend when the relationship falls apart, it is best to walk away and act as if they do not exist. If you don’t, you may end up feeling depressed and may start believing the lies of the Narcissist.

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