How to End a Relationship with a Narcissist (9 Steps)


1. No More Giving of Chances.

 First off, you need to know that the next chance they get or you give to them, won’t change them a bit. A Narcissist will always possess that trait no matter what. The doctor’s research stated that it takes about seven times for an individual to leave or end an abusive relationship. Because when you think you have left them for good, they come running back, seducing you back to their arms, just to dump you again, because even if you accept them back, it will still be on the Narcissist terms, especially if their physically violent, which might cause more harm to you.

 Just as I said earlier, a narcissist won’t want to leave you if they aren’t ready to leave the relationship yet, they’d probably do a teary apology. But you should never risk giving them another chance. Because that will be to your detriment, they will always hurt you again or might end it. So don’t be generous with your chances of forgiveness.

2. Don’t announce to them you are leaving.

 This is very vital to end the relationship because when you do otherwise, it can be a failed course. Telling the narcissist that you are leaving could blow things up and eventually make things worse. You should never tell a narcissist that you are leaving them or trying to end the relationship the right way or following the right process to break it off.

It might make sense to leave the relationship without telling them, but when a narcissist gets a glimpse that you are leaving, they start bombing you with love, so they can trap you emotionally to stay in the relationship or they can become more toxic and have intentions to damage your wellbeing totally and your reputation.

3. Make sure to have a copy of all your documents.

 This might not hold water in your mind, but it’s one way a narcissist can hold you down in the relationship. Though it is not legal to take one’s passport away, a narcissist doesn’t care. Making a copy of all your documents is important, especially if you are from another country because narcissists are fond of taking stuff you deem important to you. When a narcissist takes your document away, you should track it down to avoid being bound to them.

Apart from making copies, you could also take photos of the documents and upload them to your email, and save it up there. And make sure to get a hold of official information that will aid you in leaving the relationship.

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